Boost Sales

Cinch is uniquely programmed to allow sales staff to take orders anywhere, even without an internet connection. What? That's right. Once logged in, you can take orders anywhere!

Save Time

You have 5 products? 5,000? 50,000? No problem. Our database is specifically set up to handle as many lines of product as you need to offer. Need multiple tiers of pricing, special orders, free goods, or discounts? Yup. We got that too!

Eliminate Errors

Cinch even keeps track of all deleted orders by users, phasing out the worry of orders taken by paper, excel, or other complicated order-entry systems.


Track a variety of reports to keep tabs on your sales staff and company progress. Adjust sales on the fly to push hot items when needed!

Update your pricing live

When new products or pricing are added, Cinch updates globally to all sales members. No more manually adding items for staff.


Export orders in the way your clients need them. Customers automatically receive logins where they can grab exports and view orders as well.

Manage inventory levels

Track "booked", "available", and "on-hand" inventory live. Ask us about connecting to manufacturer's or distributor's levels of inventory with our Cinch API.

Email orders

Easily email orders to customers, manufacturers, and HQ. Format your invoices to match your preferred "bill to" and "bill from".

Customer service

Training? Check. Need to talk to an actual human? Check. Any questions? Requests? Ideas? We'd love to hear from you. You're stuck? Just drop us a line or call us. We'll reply as soon as possible.

about the best way to order!

Manage sales in a new way. Efficiently.

Cinch is an easy-to-use mobile (iPhone, iPad) and web (Android, PC, Mac) order-writer specifically tailored for distributors, buying shows, rep groups, and manufacturers for buying shows, trade shows, or field sales.

Unlike other softwares that don't understand your needs, we took the time to meet with, build relationships, and get valuable feedback from industry professionals like you to create Cinch, the number one mobile app used by wholesale distributors, manufacturers, and rep groups today.

Designed for sales

Sales staff can access reports from any device, anywhere, anytime. Manage global levels of pricing, inventory, and sales activity from any smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac.

Cinch is the only mobile app to integrate with existing distributors and buying groups as well. Any Cinch manufacturer/ rep group customer can duplicate their entire show from any Cinch distributor client.

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1-10 Sales Reps
$50 / month

Unlimited manager accounts

All features

All reports

Custom branded and designed

Instant updates globally

Full support

No initial setup fee

11-19 Sales Reps
$40 / month

Unlimited manager accounts

All features

All reports

Custom branded and designed

Instant updates globally

Full support

No initial setup fee

20+ Sales Reps
$30 / month

Unlimited manager accounts

All features

All reports

Custom branded and designed

Instant updates globally

Full support

No initial setup fee

Distributor/ Buying Group
Per / show

Full support

Fully staffed

Our network setup

Our iPads/ devices

Live reporting during show

Live exports

Live add customers, products, lines, etc.

Manage your brand

Access your lines of product in an fast, organized, and effective manner.

Quick tabs allow your sales team to skip to your brands with their preferred pricing already preset. Quick Cart tabs allow sales staff to check progress in the middle of long orders. Three hundred line items? No problem. Just click the "In Cart" tab to get a quick review or change quantities.

  • Reports give quick totals of what's been sold by line.
  • Store preset pricing tiers by brand, allowing you to quickly service your clients.
  • Easily filter quantities by brand in the cart.

Not only can you quickly remove or add lines from your company's product list, but clients can also see trends within a certain brand. What's the hot item this week? Stay on top of your sales strategy with reports that give you real guidance to your product plan.

Don't lose that huge order with set pricing. Give your special clients discounts on the fly!

Cinch is unique in the way your company can structure discounts for your customers. Selecting items individually or by group allows your team the selling power, while sales managers can keep discounts in check from their logins. Show customers exactly how much they are saving on each item and the order as a whole with the strike-through discount view!

  • Select individual or group products for discount
  • Easily create percentage discounts in the cart.
  • Line strikethrough old pricing to show updated discounts.

Make your customers comfortable showing them what a great deal they are receiving. By managing discounts in various ways, you give your sales staff the most flexibility possible. Don't discount your opportunity!

Set up free goods and specials with ease!

Cinch allows managers/ clients to easily add free goods from the web application. Once added, just refresh your app and volia! Free goods are now available instantly.

  • Track the amount of specials handed out
  • Notes allow Cinch clients to go back and add a free good later, but include it in the initial order manually

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