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Gosi taminaty Employees contracts

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Consideration will also need to be given to transitioning existing staff who may be on contracts that are outdated onto new contracts ahead of the relevant commencement date for the authentication process.

  • Unemployed individuals can opt for this benefit within 90 days of quit ting their job.

  • It is the wish of the government, he said, to ensure that every foreign worker is properly documented.


If the medical board concludes that the injured individual requires the assista nce of others, then the individual will receive corresponding compensation for that as well.

  • In this latter case, he is entitled to contribute in the scheme regardless of his age at the time of application, except for the contributor who already was paid a pension for a previous period of contribution, whereas he must be under the age of 65 years.

  • This daily allowance can go up to 100% of the dail y wage of the injured for each day of disability.

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